About Our Company

Solar glow garden lights is manufactured and sold exclusively by Web Deals Direct LLC and sold on Amazon. Our set of six solar powered garden lights is attractive and definitely you will be impressed once you use this light in your garden. This solar light makes your garden pathway and flower bed looks attractive. It has not wire installation since it uses solar energy to capture power. It is suitable for all weather conditions and highly water resistance in quality. It is not attacked by fog, mist or rain fall thus maintenance is easy. It consist of panels they are solar-powered so no batteries are compulsory. With our set of six solar powered garden lights you can save money on energy since it make use of the sun light. It is free annoyance also LED lights looks beautiful. Positively there are no batteries to substitute as they recharges automatically. Our product comes with 6 set of lights that cover your paths in garden and bright clear light glosses into view from each led light. You can place them on your pathways near to gate for giving a beautiful and wonderful look to your home. Led lights have long durable life since they are tough and sturdy. This solar glow garden light gives a pleasant appearance to everyone’s eye also they need less maintenance. 100% money back offered is available for clients. For more information about information on the product, please contact Web Deals Direct 8543 Twickenham Terrace Harrisburg, NC 28075 Free.